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EL7Z UP win ppf 1EL7Z UP win ppf 2 WJSN win ppf 1WJSN win ppf 2 Stray Kids win ppf 1Stray Kids win ppf 2
THE BOYZ win ppf 1THE BOYZ win ppf 2 Mamamoo win ppf 1Mamamoo win ppf 2

Introducing EL7Z UP

Hwiseo ppf 1Hwiseo ppf 2
Nana ppf 1Nana ppf 2 Yuki ppf 1Yuki ppf 2 Kei ppf 1Kei ppf 2
Yeoreum ppf 1Yeoreum ppf 2 Yeonhee ppf 1Yeonhee ppf 2
Yeeun ppf 1Yeeun ppf 2

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